Mikhael is a props and interiors stylist. She started her career as a design writer for shelter publications where she discovered her natural inclination for set design by styling for the magazines she wrote for, which led to her career as a stylist.  Having worked on-staff at Restoration Hardware, Mikhael brings her experience as a visual story teller to set, be it in an editorial context, catalogue, or advertising campaign. She currently lives in Oakland, California with her husband, two daughters, and a hound dog. 


24 Hour Fitness,  Airbnb, Afar Magazine, American Giant, Apple, Banana Republic, Benziger Wine, Brandless, Character, CVS, Dockers, Dolby, eBay, Frontgate, Google, Google Chrome, GOOP, HP, Image Design Works, Jansport, Jawbone,  Kendo, Ken Fulk, Levi's, Lonny, Logitech, Men's Wearhouse, Motorola, Nest, Old Navy, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Teen, Real Living Magazine, Restoration Hardware, Samsung, Shutterfly, Stylex, Sunset Magazine, Visa, Walmart, Waterworks, Williams-Sonoma, 


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